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AA Technical Management

A complete operational initiation and commissioning of the vessel and technical operations fit for the trade service in compliance with Industry standard set by Majors. A dedicated team of individuals who monitor every aspect of vessel's upkeep, maintenance programs and all necessary supplies in a well-planned and efficient system to undertake all maintenances, repairs, docking at intervals as per class and flag requirements, surveys and certification as per statutory requirements.
Technical management is one of the key areas of Vessel Asset Management and Technical Management encompasses activities like Maintenance & Repair, Purchase Management, Safety & Quality, Dry-docking etc.
We have expertise to manage Oil tankers, Chemical Tankers (Coated and stainless steel), Gas carriers (Pressurized & Semi/fully Refrigerated). In case of tankers, we have capability to maintain & run the vessel meeting the oil major's standard such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total, BP, CDI etc.

  • » Raising and handling guarantee claims
  • » Development of various statutory compliant documents for Class Approvals, namely .
    • » Shipboard Ship-to-ship Transfer Operational Plan (STS Plan)
    • » Volatile Organic Compound Management Plan (VOC MP)
    • » Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB)
    • » Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP)
    • » SOPEP and SMPEP manuals

BB Vessel Staffing/Crewing

To provide the high quality of skilled seafarers, for specific vessel type as required and expected. We do this through our rigorous selection procedures thereby producing a large pool of qualified officers and crew with hands on experience on specific type of vessels to relieve you of all the training certification and administration which is required to man a modern fleet of vessels.

  • » We are DG Shipping Registered RPSL Company, RPS/MUM-326
  • » 10 Years Exp in Bulk, General Cargo, Offshore and Tanker Ships