Why choose us?

Our strong customer focus, transparent and ethical operations form an essential part of the services delivered with an auditable trail. Our services allow our customers offload the entire gamut of vessel management, operations, insurances and protection of vessel interests reducing the overhead costs. Our operations revolve around obtaining economically safe and efficient operation of the vessel while placing the demands of the trade at top exceeding satisfaction of the customer.

1. Our Vision

Our vision is to remain at the forefront of the vessel management industry. To achieve our vision; we invest in people, continuous update of the industry and careful application of our knowledge to achieve a safe, environment friendly, responsible, effective and efficient operation of vessels.

2. We believe and adhere to

The highest form of professionalism, above the entire fair Business practices, Sophisticated and superior technology, Teamwork both within the organization and with our clients and above all, high ethical conduct and universal values of Trust to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

3. We provide:

  • » A customer oriented tailor made management service with a proactive approach towards customer's needs management due to quick professional decision by a group of experts.
  • » A hassle free operation for the owners due to close monitoring by our supervising team.
  • » An environment friendly management with top emphasis on safety and protection.
  • » Comprehensive and regular reporting.

About us


About D'Scorpio Vessel Pvt. Ltd.

A group of visionaries that form a formidable team committed to deliver a world class, ethical, transparent and a systematic management of marine & offshore assets.
We are a team of professionals having experience in New Building Supervision, Vessel Management, Tanker Trade Operations, Vessel Staffing, Marine Legal Consulting and Training, We provide comprehensive Ship Management services that include technical, commercial and crew management of modern ships. We also provide consultancy on various maritime sectors including new building supervision, vessel inspections, audits, sale & purchase of vessels of vessels and logistics solutions.
We believe on the values of transparency, integrity, consistency and credibility for ship management activities by a like-minded group of marine professionals.

Vessel Asset Management – The Concept

Vessel Asset Management aligns processes, resources and functions to deliver integrated vessel, maintenance and operations management. Ongoing monitoring of processes and outcomes, at every stage of vessel's trading life, creates an auditable trail of actions and results. The asset knowledge that accrues advises continuous improvements in, maintenance planning and logistics support. In combination, VAM services achieve the benefits of effective life cycle management: reduced support and maintenance costs, efficient operational and maintenance programming, and maximum asset availability and reliability within a program of continuous improvement.

Our cradle-to-grave vessel services integrate vessel design and construction with maintenance and vessel operation. Our in-house expertise works with the trade necessities to ensure full compliance with customer expectations, international standards, and SOLAS, MARPOL, Classification Society and all other trade requirements. Our in-service support and integrated logistics management is supplemented by a technical support network of proven suppliers, original equipment manufacturers and international agents, all managed through a transparent system.

Our services would extend to provide our customers with a system of integrated vessel asset management as a wholesome service to protect and provide for our customers interests in all respects, with a full range of services under the umbrella of asset management involving technical services, to monitoring vessel operations in technical, commercial, contractual and legal respect; fulfilling the need for charter party compliances, appropriate interpretation of clauses to establish rights and liabilities and legal implications of charterer's actions to the detriment or advantage of owners and their interests

" The vessel staffing and crewing specialists "